Simple Trading Solutions Review

Simple Trading Solutions Review

simple trading solutions

You’ve probably stumbled across this post looking for ‘Simple Trading Solutions Review’ so I will do my best not to disappoint.

This is actually a difficult post to write, because in all honesty, there is very few negative comments (if any) I can make in relation to Simple Trading Solutions, and the awesome trader that runs it (Ken!).

If you’re not aware, Simple Trading Solutions is a mentorship programme, teaching a very simple, high probability, Forex Trading strategy. It focuses on price action, so that means you don’t have to spend hours of chart time identifying set ups, or have 10,0000 indicators on your MT4 to make it work.

It’s not often I promote any product or service within the Forex world, why? Because in all honesty, there is a lot of sharks out there, just waiting to gain a quick buck. I have promoted a handful of services in the past, all of which I got immense value from, and I would NEVER promote something I didn’t personally use and test out myself first.

So what makes Simple Trading Solutions different? Well first of all, Ken has verified results, a lot of coaches or mentors out there don’t share their results, but Ken provides his results every week, and even allows you the opportunity to take the same trades he does if you follow along with his live teaching.

There are two live training sessions per week (and very soon more are going to be added). One looks over levels that Ken has identified in the market for trading opportunities, and why. He also teaches his strategy here live too, so you can ask questions, gain insight etc.

The second is an end of week review. This is where he looks over the trade opportunities from the week, and the returns he got from them. It’s not unusual for him to hit 70-110% growth per week, which is just insane!

He also has a Facebook Group and Telegram chat for members, which has an easy to follow, straight to the point course. But also you can post your own set ups in the chat for feedback etc. Members are very helpful and questions are answered quickly. Many of the traders in the group are now funded through these strategies.

Then there’s the indicators. There are multiple custom indicators included with Simple Trading Solutions Mentorship. I have my favourites (detailed in the video below) but the nice thing about them is they provide alerts when a potential alert is setting up, so no need to sit and chart watch all day. He’s also continually updating and adding new features to these.

He also includes his own trading plan, which gives you a great head start if you’re new to trading.

I have literally tried thousands of indicators, coaching programmes, strategies and MLM’s over the years, some great, some not so great. But I can hands-down say in terms of value for money, this is one of the best I have come across.

As it stands right now, Simple Trading Solutions costs less than a cup of coffee per day to get involved. At $97 per month, it’s an absolute steal in terms of what you actually get. I know he plans to raise the price soon, so would jump in at this price while you can!

It’s great for both beginner traders, and seasoned traders alike, because for beginners you’re going to learn a SIMPLE strategy that you can master in a matter of weeks, and for traders who have been around the block, it really quietens the noise and strategy hopping. Taking you back to simple price action.

After a few weeks trialling the programme, I cannot praise it enough!

So what about downsides? Well there is months of old webinars to watch and learn from, and as they have been uploaded to Facebook, you can’t watch them in double time, this is literally my only criticism!

If you have questions about the programme, feel free to CONTACT ME and I will answer.

But if you wanna jump in, Click HERE to get started!

See you on the other side!