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What Is A PAMM Account?

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Managment Module. Basically, a PAMM Account is a way of trading Forex without having to actually trade yourself.

A PAMM account is a solution for anyone who would like to trade Forex, but perhaps does not have the time or interest in learning how to do this themselves.

PAMM allows an investor to choose a trader (manager) based on their trading history, profitability and other factors.

The trader then trades with the investors capital, and profits are shared on a pro rata basis between the manager and the investors.

It is a fantastic opportunity to utilise the skills of a professional trader, and get involved with Forex as an investment even if you have no prior knowledge of the markets or are in the process of learning yourself.

As with any trading opportunity, results can not be guaranteed, but the great thing about this system, is that you are able to check a traders history in depth before investing with them.

PAMM account

How Can I Invest In PAMM?

Many Brokers offer this service (Have A browse through our list of BROKERS HERE to view their websites and see if PAMM is a service they offer) However, the first and original provider of services is a company called Alpari, and in our opinion still to this day remain the best PAMM provider.

They have a high number of Managers to choose from, and offer a very good service.

Take a look on their site (Click HERE to go direct to their site), and view the ‘top five managers’ box located near the top of their page, and if you’re keen to get started, click the ‘invest funds’ button underneath this box to sign up.


To use Alpari, you will need to sign up for an Alpari account, but as far as broker accounts go they are very reasonable and offer a professional service, and have the added bonus of PAMM, so if you do not have the time to learn to trade Forex, or you have no interest in it, this could be the perfect option for you.

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