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Trading can be one of the most rewarding and flexible careers out there, and with the last few years bringing us more and more incredible tools and platforms, you can now trade from pretty much anywhere with an internet connection and almost all of the time depending on what you are trading. However, it’s not all plain sailing (if it was everyone would be doing it, right?) There is a huge learning curve that comes with trading Forex, Cryptocurrencies or Binary Options. And the truth is… Most people fail (well, they give up because they blew a live account they were not yet ready to trade!) This is how Forexcellence was born. We strive to provide insight, tools and resources to both brand new and seasoned traders. So, If you’re a brand new trader, click the button below to get your free Forexcellence Quick Start Guide. If you’ve been trading a while, be sure to check out our blog, tools and brokers sections for some excellent resources to make trading even more fun!


Why We Love Trading!


As trading Forex and Crypto allows you to trade almost 24/7, you have the option to work the hours you choose giving you great work life balance. This felixibity is one of the best things about trading!


Alongside a great work/life balance, trading also allows you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can even trade from your smart phone if you wish!


Running a business as a one man operation can be lonely, but with trading there are so many groups & YouTube channels dedicated to your success, you never feel alone on your journey!


A great thing about trading is that once you have mastered the skill, you can scale the business simply by increasing your lot size as your account grows. No extra work is required, Just good risk management.

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